SQLyog a MySQL DB Management Solution

Most web developers are increasingly using MySQL to fulfill their Database needs. This is because, it is quick, efficient and open source. And one of the most popular hot and open source tool available for managing MySQL is SQLyog. SQLyog has been there for quite a while and slowly becoming popular because of its intuitive UI and “Power tools“.

Some of the power tools available in SQLyog (Current Release iteration 7.x) are Database Synchronization, Scheduled backup, Migration toolkit, structure synchronization, Notification Service, Schema Designer, Query Builder, HTTP tunneling, SSH tunneling Auto complete and Job scheduling. But these features are available only in Enterprise version.

SQLyog also runs on Linux through WINE. But native version is available for SJA. SJA is a command line tool which is integrated with SQLyog. On windows, you can use SJA for Data snc, migration toolkit, Scheduled backup and for Notification service. All you need to do is prepare a job using UI and use it with command line. On Linux SJA is available for free.

SQLyog is quick because it uses native windows API’s for MySQL connection. We all know fastest way to work with MySQL is by using C++ API’s.

SQLyog is not available for Mac as of now. May be in future they may do it since there is a stiff competion in UI development from other companies which as Mac builds.

I have just given overview or what is available on SQLyog currently. There will be detailed analysis of all features in coming posts.